Finally, good food is coming to town!

We aim to bring to you exciting and innovative products, feeding your imagination, finding unusual varieties, supporting specialities and sourcing the products you always wanted but never knew you could get.

We want you, your family or your guests to enjoy the food that we offer, and that’s why we have chosen the products that are natural, healthy, without unnecessary additives.

You must try our succulent meat range that comes from the best Angus and Hereford cattle breeds. Whether grass- or grain-fed, they all come from the farms where they can roam freely, exploring the land and enjoying the company of their herd.

Our cheese master carefully selected the cheeses so that you can try the best samples from different origins. They come from the small farms where the animals enjoy the free range life, giving you the best milk, which is a must to make the best cheeses.

Delicious, succulent chicken from our roastery will melt your senses – discover the authentic flavour coming from a 100% free-range happy French chickens, that eat only natural food without any additives, hormones and antibiotics.

Product inspiration can come from anywhere but, wherever you are, we will make every effort to ensure our creative range finds its way to you. We want to surprise you with the quality of our products, we want to give you the best flavours, we want you and your guests to taste it and say “oh my foodness!”.